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How to segregate waste in your home?

Pollution is caused not just by big factories, construction sites, and landfills. Pollution can be caused even by households due to improper segregation of waste materials. Consider a family that uses plastic bottles, polythene bags, and other plastic items regularly. If these items are thrown into the same waste bin as with the biodegradable products like vegetable peels, cardboard, or paper, this entire garbage will end in a landfill. There will be no segregation done. Subsequently, there even might be products in the wastebasket that could have been recycled or up-cycled.

Some of the items could even have been reused. Instead, without proper segregation, the entire household waste would go to a landfill, which would increase the carbon dioxide emission. Thus, unknowingly the household increased their carbon footprint only by not segregating their household wastage. Executives associated with waste bin rental services providing companies mention that people do not need to be environmentalists to segregate their household waste or need to have in-depth knowledge of the products’ chemical composition to separate the waste products. All they need to understand is whether the product is biodegradable or non-biodegradable. By segregating the waste, you can simplify the work of the people who come to collect the garbage and protect the environment.

Some of the simplest methods to segregate the waste in your home are as follows:

  1. Designate separate waste bins for the garbage
  2. Try to recycle and up-cycle
  3. Donate the items you do not need

Designate separate waste bins for the garbage

It would help if you had separate garbage bins for the waste generated in your home. Having different containers will make it easier for you and your family to dispose of the waste. When the waste disposal company workers collect the waste materials, they will also find it easier to manage the waste as it has already been separated.

Some of the simplest ways for designating waste bins for garbage collection are as follows:

  • Organic waste: Keep a separate bin for organic waste like vegetable peels and any other kitchen items. The organic waste can also be used as fertilizer and compost. If you do not want to throw this away, you can reuse this as organic compost for your garden. However, if you’re going to use the vegetable peels or other such materials as fertilizer or compost, do not keep them in the bin, but store them in paper bags.
  • Non-biodegradable waste: This is one of the essential waste bins in your home, and this should be used to collect all items made of plastic, metal, wood, or any such material. Although wood is biodegradable, things like furniture or even a small wooden cutting board take a long time to decomposing. Hence, it should be disposed of carefully. Therefore, you should separately dispose of these in a different bin so that the people coming to collect the waste are aware that these are non-biodegradable waste products.
  • Wet and dry waste: Sometimes, in homes, certain types of wet and dry waste products are generated. For example, if you have recently cleaned the gutters in your house, then the waste materials that have been created cannot be stowed in the regular garbage bins. It would be best if you had a separate garbage bin for these types of waste materials. These waste materials are not always generated, and hence, you will not be using this bin regularly. Nevertheless, you should have a separate container for these waste products as well.

Thus, the first step towards segregating a household’s waste materials begins with designating separate garbage bins for the different types of waste. After that, you must ensure that the particular kind of waste is disposed of in the specific container. You mustn’t get the bins confused.

Try to recycle and up-cycle

When you are segregating your home’s waste products, you must separate them before you dispose of them. When you separate the items, you will find that some of the consequences can be recycled and up-cycled. For example, if you use polythene bags, then consider using the same polythene bag multiple times. Single-use polythene bags are known to cause extensive environmental pollution, so it is banned in many places.

So if you have polythene bags in your home, consider using these to the maximum before disposing of them. The same is applicable for plastic bottles. These can be up-cycled, and you can use these to create numerous household products. So before you throw away a product in the waste, check if you can recycle or up-cycle the items. In this way, you will be protecting the environment, and the product will also be used to its maximum possible capacity.

Donate the items you do not need

Another part of the segregation of waste products is identifying the items that you do not need. There are several household products and clothes that you might not need. However, instead of throwing these products away, you should consider donating them. This is especially true for clothes. This is also applicable to small imitation jewelry and trinkets worn by women. Individuals in the business of providing waste disposal bins on rent mention that women often throw away these trinkets, then these fade or become discolored. But these fall under the category of non-biodegradable waste products. Hence, it would be best to consider donating these items instead of throwing them as they do not decompose.

Another method of ensuring that all your home’s waste products are disposed of safely is by hiring a waste bin rental services company services. Such a company will ensure that all waste products from your home is removed from your home regularly and disposed of safely. If you live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Leduc, and you require waste disposal services, consider giving us a call at Edmonton Disposal 780-277-0000. You can also check out our website: Edmontondisposal.ca

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