Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why Hire Edmonton Disposal?

  • Disposing of waste can often be a time-consuming and expensive. Even if you have or can barrow a pickup truck it usually involve numerous trips to the local waste transfer station or dump, wait in lines and you can rack up quite the bills. Most people are unaware that it cost money to drop of items to the dump. After all this you will have to clean your truck and the risk of scratches or other damages to your vehicle.
  • Save time from waiting in lines and money from making multiple trips to the dump by hiring Edmonton Disposal to takes the hassle out of waste disposal. You book the bin, then a bin is delivered to your property, you fill it up and give us a call and we will hauling it away. It’s simple, hassle free and no hidden coasts.

What is Garbage removal?

  • It is very easy to accumulate so much "STUFF" over the years, with moving, growing kids and change of interests, change of styles, renovations, incomplete projects etc. This "Stuff" is easily described as "JUNK".
  • We often hear our clients saying "How did I accumulate all this junk?”
  • There is a saying "if you have not used it in a year you probably won’t use it again". So save yourself and get rid of it.
  • Getting rid of and not know how or where to disposal of your junk can be extra stress. Pilling it up on the end of the driveway on garbage day may feel little embarrassing and may not even get picked up. As the City DOES NOT pickup large items or items piled up incorrectly, or it is simply too much garbage to pick up from a residential site.

Why renting a bin from Edmonton Disposal?

  • This step will have you stress and junk free. We promise it will feel great to get rid of your junk and knowing it is disposed properly, safely and most environment friendly way possible.
  • We are providing Bin Rental services in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

What is site clean up?

  • While you may find that some companies will actually come and pack up your junk for you, that process tends to be quite pricey, especially if you have a lot of items to dispose of.
  • Edmonton Disposal provides you with an affordable and stress-free junk removal service.

What to expect when you hire Edmonton Disposal?

How it all works

You call us to book a bin or book online your self, we supply you with a bin, you load the bin with your junk, let us know when you're done by simply giving us a call and we will pickup and haul it away and dispose of the load in most proper and environmentally friendly manner.