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What are the different waste disposal methods?

Waste disposal is not just a global issue but a household problem as well. If you evaluate the problem carefully, you will find that a significant amount of waste is generated in a home. For example, your disposable kitchen waste, which can be categorized as wet and dry waste, is generated regularly. Similarly, when you clean your home, you will find numerous things that you can dispose of but do not know how to dispose of these without creating environmental pollution.

If you move from one home to another, you will want to throw away items like appliances and furniture that you will not use in your new home, which can also be considered waste. Thus, disposing of waste materials in an environmentally safe way can become an issue, especially if you are unaware of the different disposal methods.

Waste Disposal Methods

Some of the best methods for disposing of waste, especially household waste, are as follows:

1 Recycling, up-cycling, down-cycling, and reusing

Sometimes products that you consider to be waste can be recycled and up-cycled. Recycling would mean adding qualities to what you consider to be waste products. Sometimes you can reuse products before disposing of them. In such cases, you could check the items that you want to dispose of and see if these can be recycled or up-cycled. If you can up-cycle an item, you increase the quality of the product even more than it would have been earlier. Down-cycling an item would mean you can use the waste material for a lesser purpose than you had intended it to be used for, but it need not be disposed of immediately. This would prevent the product from ending up in a landfill or an incinerator before its maximum usage. The objective of reusing, recycling, down-cycling, or up-cycling waste products is to reduce the number of disposable items. This will ensure fewer products that have to be sent to the landfills, incinerators, or garbage dumps. If you try to do your best in reusing, recycling, down-cycling, or up-cycling waste products, you will be doing your bit for the environment.

2 Composting kitchen waste

This is another method of disposing of waste materials. Every day different types of waste materials are generated from your kitchen. This can be in vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and even cooked food that has gone stale. Now, these waste materials cannot be consumed but can be converted into compost. You can convert a corner of your garden or your backyard into a dedicated composting area. Here you can gather all of the kitchen waste and use composting methods to convert these into good quality manure. This organic fertilizer can be used as mulch or combined with you’re soil to improve its fertility. You can use the kitchen compost to improve the quality of your garden soil instead of throwing these in the garbage.

3 Hiring garbage bins

You should hire garbage disposal bins if you plan to dispose of a significant amount of waste items. Say, for instance, you are planning to shift from one house to another and want to dispose of some of your old furniture, clothes, and electrical appliances. These products cannot just be disposed of in the nearest garbage dump. This can often prove to be illegal and also unethical. The primary reason for this is electrical appliances need to be disposed of in a particular manner.

For example, there are coolants inside refrigerators and air conditioners, which, if not disposed of properly, can cause pollution. These need to be disposed of in designated landfills or disposed of in eco-friendly methods. As a homeowner, you will not be aware of such waste disposal methods, which makes it necessary for you to hire a suitable waste disposal service providing company like us. We will ensure that all such waste products are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner and do so judiciously.

4 Sanitary landfill

When waste products are disposed of in landfills, it is necessary to ensure a lining between the landfill and the groundwater. This will ensure that the toxic fluids generated from the landfills do not run into the groundwater or any surrounding water bodies. To do so, first, a barrier has to be made between the landfill and the groundwater. After that, it can be used to dump the waste. Otherwise, a landfill has to be identified at a height from the nearest water table. This will create a natural barrier between the groundwater and the landfill.

Similarly, the landfill must not be in a region that floods easily, as this will prove to be counterproductive when the rains come and environmentally unsafe. Moreover, even when the flood water recedes, the water will continue to remain contaminated. Therefore, it is believed that sanitary landfills are one of the best ways to dispose of waste materials. It ensures that the waste materials are disposed of quickly, and at the same time, it also ensures that it is done in an environmentally safe way.

Waste disposal can be a matter of concern for any individual, but it is something that you can manage with a little bit of planning. You can easily manage to make the daily waste disposal a little bit more eco-friendly by opting for methods like recycling, up-cycling, and down-cycling. You can also choose to compost all your kitchen waste instead of throwing these in the garbage dump. This can prove to be helpful in the long run and even improve the fertility of your garden. Finally, if you are thinking of the safe disposal of waste products, you can always hire waste disposal bins of your choice. If you Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Leduc and are thinking of an environment-friendly method of disposing of waste, consider giving us a call at Edmonton Disposal 780-277-0000. We offer waste disposal services to homes as well as commercially. You can check out our services by visiting our website: Edmontondisposal.ca/. So if you are looking for a waste disposal service of any kind, give us a call right away.

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